Wow..did I do that? My first experience with Masterbation

My earliest recollection of sexuality was when I was about 8 years old. I know.. I know… Stop it…

Mom and dad were away during the day. I was only 8 but there was enough time that I was wandering through our tiny house. I happened into their bedroom. On dad’s side of the bed I looked under the springs and found that he stored lots of good stuff. He was a coin collector which he shared with me. What I found that he did NOT share was some magazines. First one I found was a rag called GLAMOR Magazine. Dad was a fireman by trade, Master Mechanic in my town, and respected for his knowledge of vehicles and how they worked. When he wasn’t fighting a fire he was under the rig and working on the darn things to keep them running. BUT….in his off time dad was a photographer. Lots of his friends were guys that enjoyed the same. I was totally enthralled with these black and white photos of these beautifully coiffed ladies. Some of them older, but most appeared the age of the youngest of my sisters. (All of my siblings were much older than me).

I looked at every page. Even at eight I found that I had a great sexual interest in girls. By the end of this magazine I found my self with a slight hard on… Really? At eight? I looked a little harder and found another magazine with slightly more intriguing photos of women. It wasn’t a Playboy magazine. Racier and much more provocative…and one that made a huge impression on my mind, this magazine made this eight year old penis…drip.

Remember that at 8 years old, Mormon kids are baptized in their church. I was no different. The barrage about men and boys not thinking about sexuality and no masturbation begins early. It was even more so back in the 50’s.

I found myself looking at the neighbor girls much differently. The Jackson family had 4 girls in it. A large Mormon family that seemed to collect stuff around their yard, they were not well respected in this neighborhood. I think mom and dad didn’t really like me to play there. At any rate, I spent much time there playing with the boys but really interested in all of these girls, some of which, one was older , one my age, and two slightly younger.

A couple of years passed and I grew. My interest in sex grew. My interest in dad’s magazines grew. He never changed his location for storing them except that as the racier magazines came to the house he buried them more deeply in his closet. I found them all.

Christmas of my 10th year I got an Erector set. This was the promoter of my sexual interest. Those old sets had an electric plug in motor. The motor powered things that one might build…like a ferriswheel. I am sure that the manufacture never intended what I eventually used it for.

So one evening I was in my bedroom in our basement. My little TV was on. I was building something to take my mind off my sex thoughts from earlier in the day. I had found an especially sexy magazine in the usual spot. In those days all the women had very bushy pussy hair. I was turned on the whole day by my viewing. I was about to rig the motor to put it into place on my construction when I plugged it in to see if it was done correctly. The motor, in my lap, began to vibrate as I had too much weight on one side of the spinning drive shaft. Immediately, I felt a twitch in my groin. My penis was feeling something I had never felt before. I had never masturbated with my hand. This feeling was completely new. The pleasure was building with the vibrations of the motor in my lap. I was scared, intrigued, and emotional at this new sensation growing in my penis. My thoughts, even at that tender age began to review those lovely and naughty photos that I had been sneaking some peeks..all the time…the growing intensity of orgasm. The pleasure lasted for so long  it seemed until IT happened. A hot, thick, sticky feeling began to find its way into my underwear and jeans. It oozed and oozzed and the pleasure was IMMENSE. Until…finally it subsided and I had to pull the machine off my dick because it began to almost hurt.

I had my first CUM.. I think about the pleasure often. There is nothing like your first time to cum… Am I right??


Understanding my own Sexuality

So I am 20 years into my second marriage. Happily…for the most part. There are no easy marriages…no perfect marriages… right? We DO agree on this…RIGHT??

I have evolved. I am now a senior. I often write “Put your skis on…try to keep up with me!!” That is where I am in my life now. I no longer have the stamina I once had. But sex is much more fulfilling than it once was.  After much trial and error over 20 years we have settled into a sexy, erotic, and sharing relationship. The sharing part I will expand on a bit later. Rest assured that it will be titillating to you because the key word is “share”.

But now I will digress into why I am here at this point in my life and why I enjoy the sex I do.

Let me make it clear to you. I am a former Mormon. (Is that a sin now? I heard it was and that I am sinning Christ). I have laid aside all the retracted, entrenched, difficult pamphlets from guys like Packer aside. I recognize fully that I learned sexuality from a very young age, possibly 9 or 10. I masturbated young. I played doctor with the neighbor girls. I had seriously erotic thoughts on my Mormon mission to Central America. I recognize that the church member that touched me when I slept at his house that night, the girl that unzipped my pants while on a bus in Panama City that late evening, all all the rest of the sexual experiences I have had over these many years have led me to where I am today. Seriously bisexual…

Now..back to my early years….